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Making the First Twitter Date Special

May 15, 2009

You added your profile to and found several matches.  You tweet a couple of simple hello’s and one comes back – kissing“I’ll be off work at 6 tonight – let’s plan to tweet more then”.  You tweet back – it’s a date.  Now what?

On Twitter, as in all online dating, you must rely on your personality and wit to shine through your typing skills.  You need to say what you want to say in 140 characters or less, and you have no body language to help.  How do you make that first Twitter date special? With the apps that are out there a Twitter date can be very similar, although virtual, to a real date.  Here are a few tips to help make it a date to remember!

  • Dress Up. Since no one will actually be seeing you, you may be tempted to tweet in your jammies and hair curlers.  Dressing up and looking good will get you in the mood.  You’ll feel more sexy and romantic than if you’re sitting in your flannels 🙂
  • Send flowers. Of course you won’t have an address yet, but a picture of flowers will go along way too.  There are quite a few great apps that allow you to send pictures and videos on Twitter, click here for a great list.   Send a picture of some fresh flowers, or a picture of you holding those flowers out as if to give them away.  Make this your opening tweet at the time of the date. It’s sure to put a smile on your dates face!
  • BubbleTweet. Do a quick video using BubbleTweet, an app that lets you send a short 30 second recording to send on Twitter.  Say hello and how much you’re looking forward to tweeting. Another great reason to dress up!
  • Send a song. It’s fast & easy. Fun, romantic, whatever fits your mood and style that night.  It just may become “your song”.
  • Use DM. Unless you want to share your date with everybody in your networks, use DM.  It will be more private and you can feel comfortable being a bit more personal.
  • Cheat. No, not on your date – but if 140 characters just won’t do there’s a great app called TwitWall.  In fact, you can also use it to send your pics, videos, etc..   Login with your Twitter ID, your tweet will go in the “what are you thinking” box and the extra content in the “Tell More” box.  The tweet will then link to the extended text. Pretty cool!

Using the tips above will help make your Twitter date a great and memorable experience! Above all remember to have fun and be safe.  This person may or not be your future Mr. or Mrs. – but they could still end up being a life long friend.  Here’s to Twitter Love!


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