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How to Twitter Date

May 12, 2009


Twitter is a great source for building relationships of all types.  Here are a few pointers to get the most out of Twitter when looking for a romantic connection:

  • Use a Twitter Dating App. To be more visible and quickly locate other tweeps with similar interests go to and enter your profile.  Browse other profiles, and follow any that seem interesting.
  • Make your Tweets count. The more you see someone, the more chances you’re going to like them, and the more potential for a romantic connection. Twitter gives you an excellent advantage with the ability to be “seen” every day. Tweet often and make your tweets count.  Let your personality shine and build multiple friendships.  Of those friends slowly begin taking things in a romantic direction with the ones you’re interested in, sending flirtier tweets and direct messages.
  • Use the Twitter Search Function. Type in different keywords (also called “tags”) to locate people you may be interested in, then follow them.  Use locations, hobbies, etc…
  • Follow the Followers. If there is someone you like in your following, go to their profile and check out their followers.  Chances are you’ll find another group of people with similar interests and personalities.  Follow the ones that are active on Twitter and interesting to you.
  • Use “HashTags” (#). Hashtags are used to quickly and easily group similar tweets. They automatically link to Twitter search. Adding hashtags like #single, #dating, #onlinedating, #love will help others looking for these things to find you.
  • Build Friendships. Remember that Twitter is not your typical dating meat market.  People aren’t usually on there to be hit on or find a one night stand.  If you notice someone in your network that you like or find cute, come in from a friendship standpoint first ( I noticed you’re into skydiving – I love that too! We should chat sometime) or (Great to have a “neighbor” in my network – what’s your favorite restaurant here?).  Once you’ve had a few conversations and you’re comfortable with them let the “twirting” begin!
  • Attend or Host a Tweet-Up. A TweetUp is an event where Twitterers meet up in person. This could be a great way to meet other local singles.  If you don’t find one, host one! is an app that helps you tweet about and manage the event.
  • Build a Support Group. As you all know it helps to have a support group while you’re looking for that special someone!  Anybody to help you talk, vent, get advice.  Twitter is full of great people willing to listen, post tips, and give advice.  I’m always here to listen and help (, and tweet advice and encouragement daily.

If you have a specific question that was not answered here feel free to email, or send me a Twitter tweet.  You can also post it here in the comments.  Please feel free to add your own Twitter Dating tips and advice as well as comments about this blog.  We love hearing from our readers!

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