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Dating on Twitter: An Introduction

May 8, 2009


An Introduction to Dating on Twitter

With all the dating sites out there, Twitter has become a great free resource to find that special someone. Free dating apps like are making the search even easier, introducing you to many new and exciting people with like interests. But how do you make the most out of “dating” on Twitter? Dating on Twitter is an ongoing series explaining how to effectively “date” on Twitter. Future posts will deal with more detail on many of the points covered below, and will address different questions we have received.

Getting Started with Twitter Dating

Your Twitter Account

Of course many who are dating on Twitter already have a twitter name – but do you want to use that for your matchmaking search? If your twitter account is primarily for business you will most likely want to consider starting a new profile, one just for personal use. It doesn’t have to be JUST for dating – make new friends and who knows what will come of them! Invite others from your current network, but be sure they know that your new profile is not for business.

Your Twitter Name

As with other online dating profiles, your name will say much about you and what you are looking for. Keep in mind what names like “sexmachine” or “shygirl32” bring to mind. A name could be descriptive, or may be your own, just be sure that it will attract the type of people you are looking for.

The Twitter Profile

There are apps that will search your Twitter profile, so make it good! Use keywords to describe who you are (not what you look like). This is like the tagline on other dating profiles. You want to invite the visitor to look further, to follow you and be interested in what you might have to say. The key here is conciseness, simplicity and sincerity. You can be humorous, sexy, exciting, just keep in mind the type of person you hope to attract! I will post another article just on taglines soon. Until then here are a few examples:

a. Skydiving is the coolest experience on (or off) this planet…I love fun, adventure and excitement!

b. Quiet nights in a mountain cabin, a roaring fire, gazing at the stars!

c. Taking my kids to the zoo, playing at the beach, building sand castles, the thrill of a roller coaster! (don’t be afraid to note you have kids – honesty is the best policy!)

Your Twitter Background

This is optional, but a custom background gives you the chance to add pictures and say a bit more about yourself. If you need help creating one feel free to email me – 140LoveBird(at)

Find Your Matches

Now you’re ready to search! Go to and complete a profile. This will allow you to select more details about what you’re looking for, which will then be matched to other users. Be patient – more profiles are added every day, if you don’t have a match right away there’s sure to be one soon! Do a search for #singles, #love, # dating and follow others who are looking for online dating. Also search for terms of interest – like skydiving, reading, etc… and follow them. Not all are single, but it’s also about friendships!

Start Tweeting

Let the tweeting begin! The key is simply to be honest. Tweet about things you like and don’t like, places you’ve been, things you’ve done. Engage others in conversation. It’s easier than you may think to strike a friendship on Twitter, and even easier for that friendship to become romantic!

If you have any Twitter dating tips to share please do post a comment. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions!


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