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Advice and Tips for Twitter Dating a Gemini

May 21, 2009

geminiMay 21-June 21: Gemini

Dating Advice and Tips for Twitter Dating a Gemini:

Gemini’s love to communicate, and also make great listeners.  They also tend to be great multi-taskers.  Twitter is a great tool for them to combine these three qualities. They can satisfy their need for learning, laughing and maintaining multiple conversations.  Do keep in mind that they enjoy intellectual and witty conversations. They are best matched to someone with a steady, strong personality who will enjoy their butterfly socializing, yet will still be there for them when having a bad day.

It might be a little difficult to start this date up.  Since they tend to fall in love with people who stimulate their curiousity & intelligence it’s a perfect time to show off your skills by using some witty twirting & ice-breakers.  Be patient, once the Gemini has warmed up you might just get what you were looking for. They will act cautiously while they get to know someone and will open their heart little by little.

Gemini’s like to speak, to communicate, to meet different people, (can you say Twitter, anyone?) to travel and to be in motion. Gemini’s ruling planet is Mercury, the planet of communication. Gemini people are very curious and their mind always requests more information. Gemini’s are likely to have large Twitter followings and to communicate with many of them as often as possible, and are likely to host many tweet-ups.

Gemini Dating Tip:
The first impression is very important when dating a Gemini. Show off your best side. People born under the sign of Gemini are very communicative and like to talk. Just lean back, relax, and listen. Break the ice by creative twirting, being sure to use open-ended questions that allow them to shine with creative and witty responses.  Most Gemini people cannot stand aggressiveness; they will escape from rude people and tense situations. Keep it light-hearted and avoid stalking them!

Finding a Gemini on Twitter:
Want to Twitter Date a Gemini?  Go to and complete a profile.  When it asks “My ideal 140Love is…” be sure to note Gemini.  This will be a keyword used to help find you a match on Twitter.  Make sure you note your own sign as well, who knows how many are looking for you!

Specific Advice By Sign:
If you would like advice about your sexual compatibility with a Gemini (by sign) add your request to the comments or email

Dating Advice and Tips for Dating a Gemini:

It might be a little difficult to start this date up. But don’t worry, once the Gemini has warmed up you might just get what you were looking for. Gemini people will fall in love with the people who stimulate their curiosity and intelligence. In their emotional world Gemini people search for security and protection. They will act cautiously while they get to know someone and will open their heart little by little.

People born under the sign of Gemini like to speak, to communicate, to meet different people, to travel and to be in motion. Gemini’s ruling planet is Mercury, the planet of communication. Gemini people are very curious and their mind always requests more information.

Gemini Dating Tip:
The first impression is very important when dating a Gemini. Show off your best side. People born under the sign of Gemini are very communicative and like to talk. Just lean back, relax, and listen. Another dating advice: Gemini people cannot stand aggressiveness; they will escape from rude people and tense situations. Keep this in mind on your date with a Gemini.


Are We Really Looking for Perfection? –

May 21, 2009

Are We Really Looking for Perfection? –

Are We Really Looking for Perfection?

Posted by Noreen Ruth, May 20th, 2009

Ask anyone how important it is that they find the ‘perfect’ partner and you will discover that most were looking for compatibility – not perfection – someone who accepted them for who they are and not who they wanted them to be. And although compatibility can be assessed it is ultimately determined by each individual.

Perfection is an undefinable characteristic because it is relative. The perfect person to me may be completely unacceptable to you. And as we age our expectations change so that the ‘perfect’ person either needs to change along with our needs or they will no longer fit the bill.

Beauty & the Beast

Perfection encompasses all the factors of human interaction and attraction (gracious, generous, kind, social, intelligent, etc.), but our outward appearance is the first attribute that is considered if someone is looking for a ‘perfect’ mate. Many women believe that men expect nothing less than perfection in the looks department and understandably so. If you’ve ever glanced at any of today’s popular men’s magazines, the women you’ll find there are unbelievably beautiful and portrayed as ready, willing and able to accommodate anything a man may want.

It’s a superficial guy who looks past every good looking woman, determined to hook up with a beauty. This jerk needs to be reminded of the Venus Flytrap that attracts its prey by its beauty – only to consume it. Outer beauty can cover up a host of negatives.

But just because a guy appreciates a beautiful woman doesn’t mean that he won’t fall for an average looking gal. The fact is that most men never expect to hook up with a woman who is over-the-top attractive; they’re looking for an authentic, confident woman. Beauty is never a reliable indication of character. A woman who is aware of and willing to expose her imperfections, who balances the desire to improve herself, yet is accepting of her current status, is more endearing to most men than a woman who is putting on airs of perfection.

Womens’ Lib & the Average Dude

On the other opposite end of the spectrum, the media would have us believe that women are so empowered by their liberation that they are indifferent to the attributes of the average guy, holding off until the perfect man comes along. But that’s just not the case, women are looking for a well-balanced, steady, reliable guy, with looks being low on their list. A man that can accept and appreciate her intelligence, show respect for individuality and makes her feel special doesn’t need to be perfect – he just needs to be willing to work at their relationship.

Looking Beyond Appearances

If you aim for perfection, you’ll find that it’s a moving target; the truth is that it doesn’t exist. All we can see is the surface of the people around us and very little of what is happening underneath. The best we can hope for is to be perfectly loved. Unquestionable trust, commitment and devotion are traits that crosses gender lines. And to be honest, perhaps it’s good that no one is perfect; perfection would be boring. All of our little imperfections make us unique.

Twirting: Everybody’s doing it – or are they?

May 20, 2009

One of my recent Twitter posts, How to Twitter Flirt, received an unreal number of views!  This got me thinking – just how many people are using Twitter to spark romance?  It’s so easy, many do so without even realizing it!

Twitter flirting is the first step to a romantic Twitter relationship.  Relationships are made and broken every day with this powerful site.  The decision – to twirt or not to twirt, is one not to be taken lightly.

So I’d like to know – just how many are already Twirting?  Answer the question using the poll below, and next week I’ll be doing another article about the results.  Be sure to send your friends here too – the more people respond the more accurate the results!

Making the First Twitter Date Special

May 15, 2009

You added your profile to and found several matches.  You tweet a couple of simple hello’s and one comes back – kissing“I’ll be off work at 6 tonight – let’s plan to tweet more then”.  You tweet back – it’s a date.  Now what?

On Twitter, as in all online dating, you must rely on your personality and wit to shine through your typing skills.  You need to say what you want to say in 140 characters or less, and you have no body language to help.  How do you make that first Twitter date special? With the apps that are out there a Twitter date can be very similar, although virtual, to a real date.  Here are a few tips to help make it a date to remember!

  • Dress Up. Since no one will actually be seeing you, you may be tempted to tweet in your jammies and hair curlers.  Dressing up and looking good will get you in the mood.  You’ll feel more sexy and romantic than if you’re sitting in your flannels 🙂
  • Send flowers. Of course you won’t have an address yet, but a picture of flowers will go along way too.  There are quite a few great apps that allow you to send pictures and videos on Twitter, click here for a great list.   Send a picture of some fresh flowers, or a picture of you holding those flowers out as if to give them away.  Make this your opening tweet at the time of the date. It’s sure to put a smile on your dates face!
  • BubbleTweet. Do a quick video using BubbleTweet, an app that lets you send a short 30 second recording to send on Twitter.  Say hello and how much you’re looking forward to tweeting. Another great reason to dress up!
  • Send a song. It’s fast & easy. Fun, romantic, whatever fits your mood and style that night.  It just may become “your song”.
  • Use DM. Unless you want to share your date with everybody in your networks, use DM.  It will be more private and you can feel comfortable being a bit more personal.
  • Cheat. No, not on your date – but if 140 characters just won’t do there’s a great app called TwitWall.  In fact, you can also use it to send your pics, videos, etc..   Login with your Twitter ID, your tweet will go in the “what are you thinking” box and the extra content in the “Tell More” box.  The tweet will then link to the extended text. Pretty cool!

Using the tips above will help make your Twitter date a great and memorable experience! Above all remember to have fun and be safe.  This person may or not be your future Mr. or Mrs. – but they could still end up being a life long friend.  Here’s to Twitter Love!

Dating Tips: 5 Easy Ways to Make Men Smile — Yahoo! Personals

May 13, 2009

Dating Tips: 5 Easy Ways to Make Men Smile — Yahoo! Personals.

As someone who can barely calculate a tip, I don’t have much to add to the conversation about our tanking economy. But I would like to share one little piece of wisdom I picked up from my favorite social economists: you can’t buy me love. Corny but true. Don’t believe me? Try one of my five patented Romance Enhancers — if you don’t think they’re more effective than a gift card, I’ll send you a full refund.

More Dating Articles from Glamour:

#1: Touch His Arm

There are a lot of ways to subtly let a guy know you’re into him, like maintaining eye contact, playing with your hair, and smiling a lot. But the only one that sends shivers down my spine is when a girl touches my arm during conversation. It always surprises me, and it’s always great.

#2: Send Him a Random Text Message in Midday.

OK, this might not be free depending on your cell phone plan, but it’s still a great value. Nothing breaks the monotony of a long workday like a flirty note from someone special, and unless his job is super-intense he’ll have plenty of time to daydream about you.

#3: Ask Him a Question About Something He Knows a Lot About

Dating news flash: Guys like to show off for you. So if your dude could use an ego boost, there’s nothing like letting him feel like an expert. Ask him about fishing, the 1983 Chicago White Sox, or the mating habits of the Guyanese Bullfinches — whatever he’s into. Just remember to nod frequently and look really interested.

#4: Give Him a Very Specific Compliment

Telling a guy he’s funny, handsome, or smart is always appreciated, but the really meaningful compliments are the ones that reveal how well you know him. Something like “I love the way your face scrunches up when you’re doing the crossword puzzle” or “You have the most manly calves I’ve ever seen.”

#5: Send Him the Diary Entry You Wrote After Your First Date — or Write One Now

One of the best things about having a girlfriend is reminiscing about what you thought about each other in the beginning of your relationship. Reliving all of the uncertainty and anxiety is strangely exhilarating. I can’t think of a better anniversary present than a sanctioned peek into the documented thoughts of someone I care about.

Bonus Tip:

Give him a free pass to go out with his friends alone.

Casting for ABC reality show

May 13, 2009

Casting for ABC reality show. Looking for professional business women in Seattle looking for love. Contact:

50 Twitter Pickup Lines!

May 13, 2009

Once you’ve added you’re profile to you need to break the ice with your matches – here’s a list of 50 more online dating mouse kissTwitter pickup lines – use at your own risk 🙂

  1. You must be in a wrong place – the Miss Twitterverse contest is over there.
  2. Was that an earthquake or did u just tweet my world?
  3. I may not be a genie but I can make your tweets come true
  4. I’m sorry, were you tweeting to me? (Her: No.) Well then, please start.
  5. I know I dont have a chance, but I just wanted to hear Twitter angel talk.
  6. Roses are red, violets are blue, how would you like it if I tweeted with you?
  7. Are your fingers tired, because you’ve been tweeting through my mind all day long.
  8. I hope you know CPR, because your tweets take my breath away.
  9. You can tweet on a building, you can tweet in a tree, but baby, the best way to tweet is to tweet with me.
  10. I have never had a tweet come true until the day that I met you.
  11. Twitter needs a fire department, cause you’re smokin’!
  12. Do you have a Bandaid? Because I just scraped my knee tweeting for you.
  13. Hi, I’m Mr. Right. Someone said you were tweeting for me.
  14. Giant Twitter Bird (What?) It’s an icebreaker. Hi, my name is….
  15. You’re so sweet your givin me a tweetaache.
  16. My love for you is like the twitterverse…neverending!!
  17. Do you have a map? Because I just keep getting lost in your tweets!
  18. What does it feel like to be the most beautiful girl on Twitter?
  19. I’m not drunk, I’m just twitoxicated by you.
  20. Babe, your tweets makes the morning sun look like the dull glimmer of the moon.
  21. You’re so beautiful that you made me forget my tweetup line
  22. If I had a star for every time your tweet brightened my day, I’d have a galaxy in my hand.
  23. There isn’t a word in the dictionary for how tweet you look.
  24. Are you from Tweetersee?  Cause your the only Tweeter I see! (OK – this one is REALLY corny!)
  25. I’m fighting the urge to make you the happiest woman on Twitter tonight
  26. Hey… Didn’t I see your name in the dictionary under “Twitterlicious”!
  27. You are like a candy bar: half tweet and half nuts.
  28. Are you going to tweet me or do I have to lie to my diary?
  29. Your tweets look so lonely…. Would they like to meet mine?
  30. You make me believe in love at first tweet!
  31. I know Twitter does a body good, you must have been tweeting a lot!
  32. My lenses turn dark in the sunshine of your tweets.
  33. Baby, I’m gonna rock your twitter!
  34. At this exact moment I’m tweeting the woman of my dreams.
  35. Is there a rainbow today? I just found the treasure I’ve been tweeting for!
  36. Hey, is it just me, or are we destined to be tweethearts?
  37. I just had to come tweet with you. Sweetness is my weakness.
  38. So, what do you do for a living besides all the men so twitterpated?
  39. I never need to see the sun again because your tweets light up my world.
  40. You make my heart all atwitter!
  41. Let’s tweet till the sun comes up!
  42. Can I tweet with you?
  43. A tweet from you is like a song from heaven!
  44. Baby, you’re the next contestant in the game of 140love.
  45. Excuse me, but I DO think it’s time we tweet
  46. Hey, tweet here often? You could, with me.
  47. Hey, haven’t we tweeted before? I remember, it was in my dreams!
  48. I want to tweet the rest of my life with you.
  49. I need you more than twitter needs tweeps!
  50. I heard you were taking apps for a new tweetheart – I’m here to apply!

Do you have a Twitter pickup line? Add it to the comments below!